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Our Punjabi Weddings and Culture

Punjabi Weddings

All the Punjabi Weddings are energetic and elegant, they are full of expressions that celebrates the happiness together and relishes the most memorable days of Bride and Groom. Punjabi weddings are completed filled with amazing rituals and events that involve... (more...)

Our Expertise in Destination Weddings

Marc Weddings is well known for its lavish and exquisite destination weddings. Manage grandeur destination weddings with all the expectations of clients is our expertise. With experience in wedding planning at all kinds of exotic and luxurious locations... (more...)

Every positive reaction from our clients!

Every wedding planner is defined by its quality of planning and customer satisfaction. We at Marc Weddings always take the “Client First” approach where all the planning and management is done by understanding the client’s core requirements. We... (more...)

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